Updated information about PopRepTech & Reflection Essay

See the syllabus here for updated information about the deadline for the PopRepTech submissions and the reflection essay.

PopRepTech Basic Form

See http://popreptech.org/example/test-railroads-in-the-great-locomotive-caper/ for the example that I discussed in class.

Week 13 Reflections on Console Living Room

Go to the Console Living Room on the 4th floor of the ITCC.  Play a game or two.  Write about the experience and how it relates to the way we’ve talked about technology as having a past and a culture this semester.

Week 13 Comments on Reading

Post below.

Week 12

Place your comments and questions about the reading in the comments below.

Week 11

Comments aren’t required this week but if you have something to say about the readings, it will count towards class participation.

Week 10

Week 10, really?  How did it get to be week 10.  Well, by now you certainly know what to do.

Week 9 Readings

You know what to do….

Week 6 Questions & Comments

Post your thoughts about the reading and the questions that you had.  Even if it snows, we’ll have a chance to discuss these at some point.

Week 5 Questions/Comments

You know how this works!  Comment away!